Friday, June 3, 2011

DIY Lamp rewire

When my great grandmother passed away last year I was home going through her infamous tea pot collection when two very 60s lamps caught my attention. Everyone had abandoned these lamps that were still in good condition. So, I captured them for myself. I didn't know if they would survive shipment to Los Angeles from Iowa but I took my chances. One got kind bent out of shape and wasn't salvageable. The one that I wanted the most made it but the top was misshapen and it needed a new lampshade and it had a short in it. How could I afford this? Well, little did my mind know until my mom brought me into the light that you could buy rewiring kits at the hardware store and do it yourself. "Well, lets see how hard this is." I told myself. I felt very accomplished when I was done. A few things took some thinking about but it was easy. Just don't forget to unplug the lamp if you need to make adjustments to the wiring after testing. I got a shock but I'm alive. In the back of a lamp store on the clearance rack I found this great lamp shade. In the words of Brick Tamland in Anchorman... I love lamp.

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