Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Crashing the Spiderman wrap party!

Saturday night was the last Hollywood hurrah for my friend, Diana. At least for the summer. She is moving to New York City to test the east coast waters. She had a whole night planned but that quickly was scrapped when we happened into the new Spiderman wrap party at the Roosevelt Hotel pool patio! We were actually looking for Beacher's Madhouse. Which is a room in the Roosevelt where you enter through a hidden door behind a bookcase. Little people operate a "midget bar" and rumor has it there are also burlesque dancers, live animals & fire-breathers.

Needless to say Beacher's was not yet open for the night so we wondered out to the patio where 3 of us made it past the guest list into the private party. It was such an awesome time! TONS & TONS & TONS of yummy food, open bars, cigars, hookahs, photo booths, live music, dancing (mostly just by us 3). Met a few fun people and all in all I don't think we could have thrown Diana a better going away party!

Here is our proof. (I was ready for a casual night out so I have no idea why they didn't stop me at the door)

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