Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Papa & Grandma 50 years strong!

A few weekends ago I went home for a surprise 50th wedding anniversary for my grandparents. My aunt came up with the wonderful idea to hold a Meals From the Heartland meal packaging event in honor of a cause they care deeply about. All the meals will be going to Pignon, Haiti which is were my grandpa does his mission work for Promise For Haiti. My mom & I flew in from Arizona & California without them knowing. So, you could say they got a triple surprise.
Here is the invitation I created for the festivities.

My family helping setup the tables, supplies and decor.

Some family friends were in charge of getting them to the party. Lunch first and then the SURPRISE!

So, many many people turned out for this wonderful celebration.

My aunt got John Cheatem to sing cause my grandma really likes his voice. He was amazing. You need to check him out if you get a chance. www.johncheatem.com (That's them dancing!)

My aunt's friends baked and decorated a TON of cupcakes and other treats.

The night before we tried to make my grandpa's favorite Haitian treat, Duche. (It's kinda like a coconut candy) I don't think we mastered it... at all.

As you can see here party planning was very stressful...

It was a great time and we packaged over 13,608 meals in about 3 hours!

My grandparents and their relationship have always been a light of inspiration to me. I couldn't ask for anything better.


  1. Jessie,
    What a beautiful thing you all did for your grand parents! I was very surprised when I looked at your photos and was able to see my parents, sister, and your dad. I have not seen my parents in awhile because of my health, and now with mom's health it has really been bothering me to not be able to travel right now, but hopefully by the end of June I will be in a better position to travel. Mom wants to have a big ol' potluck get together after her chemo is over and done with, and the side affects are all behind her!

    I love reading your blog and am really proud of you for all your many talents you have!

    Love you & Your Mom! aunt Kandi

  2. Thanks so much for reading my blog kandi! I pray that all goes well for you in the months ahead. Stay in touch.



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