Friday, May 20, 2011

Botox mother update

If you remember the story I posted about the mother who was giving her 8 year old botox injections, well, I have some updates. This story was just so sad to me because I can't imagine how many self esteem issues this little girl is going to end up with. Anyways, child services got involved and took the child away but now that that has happened the mother is claiming that the injections never happened and she was pressured into saying it to collect the money (which was originally only $200). Apparently, she also goes by a different name, not the one she told the papers.
Family members and friends are claiming that they have seen her give the little girl injections as did the newspaper reporter.
The mother told TMZ that she had her daughter taken to a doctor to verify that there was no botox in her system. Well, Good Morning America did not believe her since they were the ones who broke the story and did their own investigation. When they contacted a professional he said that if it was over 3 months since her last injection there would be no trace of the drug since it wears off.
Needless to say, child welfare has given her back to her mother. I pray for the mental and physical health of this little girl.

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