Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Time

So, Halloween this year turned out to be an amazing time. I wasn't allowed to know what my costume was until it arrived in the mail (courtesy of Troy). It showed up on Friday. IT WAS UHURA from STAR TREK! Well... close enough... if you want to get technical it was the commander costume cause hers is red. Troy was Coach Bieste from Glee. Well, here it is...

It was a fun night. I didn't do anything on Friday. Saturday we met up with a couple of friends, Ryan & Courtney, at our place. Courtney had to finish Ryan's wonderful wig and I created Madonna's vogue cleavage so he could transform into Sue Sylvester, Vogue edition, from Glee. After we got our costumes on and situated we made out way to a Halloween party thrown by one of the makeup artists at Glee. It was so much FUN! She had caterers making food and her backyard was full of people in fantastic costumes. Everyone did such a great job!
Here are some highlights of the night...

Me before the party.

Stacy, Courtney, Chord & Me

Troy & Ryan getting into character.

All friends need the handheld shot. Me & Courtney.

Me & Naya (yes, I know my head looks photoshoped in but its not)Tiff remember the time we Photoshopped Kristina into our Spike Lee picture. Classic.

Troy & Coach Bieste!! Awesome.

Yes! Another Commander!

Me and Edward Scissorhands... or maybe its Harry.

Me, Diana, and baby Matt

So that was just some of the awesome costumes we got to see. I wish I had more photos of our friends that were there but there was too much going on. That was the only party we went to. Sunday we lounged around and ate. What's new. Hope everyone had a fun & safe Halloween!!

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  1. Wow!! I realize I'm late in commenting but I love your blog and the pictures from halloween!! I'll be tuning into the blog for more! Love you!



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