Tuesday, November 2, 2010

ALL YOU CAN EAT: The Vanessa Mizzone Comedy Buffet

Last Wednesday some friends and I went to a friend's, Vanessa Mizzone, comedy show. It was excellent! She is so witty and funny. It was live skits and prerecorded skits to make up a hilarious hour of comedy. I wish I was as talented as her! I can't wait until she has another new show. Click here to go to her website!

The cast of the Vanessa Mizzone Comedy Buffet show! (She is the one in the stripped tank top)

After the show 4 of us went next door for some wine. I got to make some new friends, Erin & Amanda. We all got along so well you would have thought we already knew each other.

With seeing so many of my friends succeeding in their art in such amazing ways I have tried to get my butt in gear and spend all my time on my documentary so I can finally finish it and show it to the world. I'll put more updates about that as the details become a little bit more exciting.

1 comment:

  1. Yay for new friends! It was amazing how easily we all got along--I agree it felt like we were old friends, not new ones :-)



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