Wednesday, April 6, 2011

no microwive... no tv... say what?!

Whenever I mention that I don't have a microwave people are always so shocked. I haven't had a microwave since college and I'm totally ok with that. I kinda forget they exist. I read recently that the microwave gives off somewhere between 600 - 2,000 watts of radiation. It's only inside your microwave though if any of it gets out of the box while it's running it needs to be repaired. But that still means that radiation is being aimed straight at your food and that is rather unappealing to me. Not to say people shouldn't have microwaves, just stop acting like I live in the stone ages when I say I don't own one.

Lately, I have also been getting a lot of flak for not having a tv. This mostly is because I moved a couple months ago and got rid of the old tv with intentions to get a new one. By not having one when I moved in I became very productive with myself. Whenever I would want to just veg out in front of the tv and then realized that I couldn't I would resort to doing something else. It became habit to not want to sit in front of the tv anymore and the shows I really wanted to watch I could do so from my computer. I will eventually buy a tv because my shows are still better on a bigger screen but I'm not getting cable and hope to remain productive and not sink back into old habits.

To say the least I like living without these electronics. I still love electronics (I really really do) but I know I can survive without them. Sometimes they do make our lives easier but I also think they make us rely on them too heavily.

I encourage people to simply pick one electronic they use on a regular basis and try and go without it for a week. Maybe your routine changes for the better or you find new ways of handling something, it can't hurt to switch things up once in awhile.

If you decide to try it let me know how things go. I'm curious what I will let go of next.

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