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What can I say about myself without giving away too much of myself. Well, I was raised in Iowa by a very close knit, wonderful family who are my everything. Even though I loved my life I knew I was meant to move to the big city. So, I took my chances and applied to only ONE university in Chicago. Luckily I got accepted! I packed up my things (so much in fact, my RA thought my mom had two children moving into the dorm) and arrived in the Windy City.

I can't express how much Chicago meant to me during my time there. I met some of my best friends, learned how naive I was, attended 2 schools, found my niche and then like that... it was graduation time again. In the words of Ferris Bueller "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." I completely agree and my time there moved WAY too fast.

Now I find myself on the west coast where every winter I remember what I DON'T miss about the Midwest. The cold and snowy weather. I came out here to be apart of the movies. I don't know how far or close I am to that goal. Growing up I wanted to be an actress. I did some stuff for Fox and acted and directed some school plays until I went to college. I will now admit I was too afraid to try out for the conservatory so I tried to major in psych and communication. Then, I decided that I would indeed go into film but now I wanted to be in charge, I wanted to be a producer. Well, after a school transfer and throwing myself into the art scene whole-heartedly I wanted to do everything!

Now, the thing I would love to do most is production design! Maybe if I'm lucky I can write something that I self produce, act in, and design. While I try to work that one out I am currently working on a documentary, "A Haitian Prayer."

But this blog is for all things in my life that I just want to share while I try and figure things out.

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